Bus Rapid Transit in Cebu City Philippines

There has been an approval from National Economic Development Authority and the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) for the funding of Cebu City’s first operational Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) or surface subway wherein it provides fast, convenient, comfortable, environment friendly and safe transportation located on the greater part of Cebu City Philippines. This project will be funded by loans from several international agencies. The construction of Cebu BRT will start by the fourth quarter of 2014 and is expected to be completed by 2018.
The 23 kilometer Cebu City Bus Rapid Transit will have 176 modern and environment friendly buses and 33 bus stations. The bus is a single deck that can hold 85 to 110 passengers. It will have exclusive and dedicated bus-ways from Bulacao Cebu to Talamban Cebu with link to Cebu South Road Property (SRP). Thr project will be in two phases, first phase will be from Bulacao Cebu to Ayala Cebu wchich will be operational by fourth quarter of 2014 and the second phase will be from Ayala Cebu to Talamban Cebu. Estimated total cost for this project is US$115 million.
Ticketing for BRT will probably use pre-pay cards smart cards (like in Singapore and Hong Kong).
The benefits of the new BRT will improve commuter experience, upgrade the transportation system, reduce air pollution, and lessen travel time, road accidents, colorum operators, and the worsening traffic congestion.

Cebu City Bus Rapid Transit Features:
1. To make travel time faster, there will be bus only lanes which means the bus will not be delayed buy other vehicles on the road.
2. The center of the road will be dedicated lanes for bus.
3. Collection of fare is done at the station to eliminate delays caused by passengers paying the driver or conductor.
4. Buses will be given priority at intersections.
5. Platform for boarding will be level with the bus floor for quick and easy boarding.
6. Bus will be available every 2 to 5 minutes for every bus station.